To reduce data latency and meet Your requirements, Ytica API consists of several services located in different regions. Each region represents a specific datacenter in a geographic location. To distinguish in which region the Service is running, endpoints contain region specification, e.g. .
Some services, such as Identity, are operated globally. Therefore their endpoints do not contain region specification, e.g. .

Testing and Production Environments

Each Service offers production and testing environment, which is useful when testing new versions of Your application or API implementation. Testing and Production environments are strictly separated and sending requests to test endpoints does not affect production data.

The endpoints are intuitive and You can distinguish between production and testing environments easily: https://api-test.* endpoints are routed to the testing environment while https://api.* endpoints to the production.

Ytica API Endpoints and Services

Global endpoints

Identity service


United States endpoints

Currently available regions: us1 (Virginia).

Speech service


European Union endpoints

Currently available regions: eu1 (Frankfurt).

Speech Service

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