Date dimensions have special features in the Ytica analytics. There are several date dimensions in Ytica analytics. The primary dimension called Date is usually what you need.

  • Date – Use primary date and time to segment conversations and activity by when  they happened. Use this date dimension in most situation unless you have some specific needs in mind.
  • Date Assessment – Date and time when an individual assessment happened. You can use this date dimension when you are interested in the time when the assessment was given to a conversation.
  • Date Joined – Date when an agent joined the company.
  • Date Left – Date when an agent left the company.

Date Joined and Date Left are available in Twilio when you provide them with custom task attributes. These dates are not available for Talkdesk.


All dates have a set of attributes that you can use to have a look on each day from several different perspectives. All dates are in Gregorian civil calendar. In Analyze you can segment conversations by: Day, Week, Month, Quarter and Year.

Additionally in Reports you use these attributes: Day of Week, Day of Month, Day of Quarter, Day of Year, Week of Quarter, Week of Year, Month of Quarter, Month of Year and Quarter of Year.

Time of Day

Date and Date Assessment date dimensions also have a time in minutes associated with them. You can use the following attributes to understand intra-day measures:

  • Hour, Hour Assessment – Hour of the day of the event. In the range from 0 to 23, respectively from 0 AM to 11 PM.
  • Interval 15 Minutes, Interval 15 Minutes Assessment – Fifteen minute interval in which an event happened. The interval is always shown the time when the interval starts. For example conversations starting between 01:15 PM and 01:30 PM are in interval named 01:15 PM.
  • Time, Time Assessment – Time in hours and minutes when the event happened.

The above list shows the time from the roughest to the most granular. You can use any of them to segment and filter data.

Business Hours

Additionally to segmentation by days and hours of a day you can use In Business Hours attribute. This helps you quickly filter conversations and activity just to the time period when you expect customers to call you. As business hours can be different for each day and may be different during holidays they are much more convenient that using specific dates and hours.

Segmentation by business hours is supported in Talkdesk out of the box. If you want to use business hours in Twilio you have to add a flag using custom task attributes.

To setup business hours in Talkdesk:

  1. Click Admin in the dark top bar
  2. Click Preferences in the tabs
  3. Make you adjustments in Business Hours section
  4. Scroll down and click Save button in the bottom right corner

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