Conversations are backbone of Ytica products. Conversation are a critical tool for your company to build better relationships with your customers and grow your business. We are here to make sure you make most out of each and every conversation you have. Thus conversations is where everything starts and where everything ends in Ytica.


Conversations are built from Segments. Segments are elemental units of conversations. For example a transferred call is a conversation with two segments. Customer reaching to you via chat, instantly followed by a call with confirmation email from an agent is a conversation with three segments.

  • Segment - Continuous communication between customers and agents separated by transfers and when an agent or communication channel with the customer changes. 
  • Conversation - Communication between one customer and all agents in the contact center handling them. A conversation is composed of one or more Segments.

Conversations can be further organized into Cases, Projects, Campaigns and Initiatives that provide higher level grouping of Conversations. For details check Analytics Data Model.

Handling and Experience Time

Ytica uses advanced methods to calculate real handling time. Handling Time in Ytica is all time the agent actually spends handling a customer including after call work and preparation.

  • Handling Time - The time agents actually spend handling a customer.
  • Experience Time - The time customers actually spends trying to resolve their requests while talking to your agents and going through your infrastructure.

Depending on the data source providing conversations not all time information may be available. This may cause lower level of accuracy and limit analytics options.

Learn more about all measures you can use

Outbound Call

When you do cold calling, warm calling or you want to reach to your existing customers your agents or a dialer make outbound calls.

Handling Time of an Outbound Conversation is sum of Ring Time, Talk Time and Wrap Up Time. Ring Time is included as Agent is already blocked from other activity when trying to reach customers. If the call is dialed by a dialer the time dialer is ringing in not included in Ring Time thus not included in Handling Time.

Inbound Call

When customers reach to you they can go through a sequence of steps depending on your infrastructure. Usually the order is the following: phone is ringing, depending on the number the customer can go to IVR, if the customer was not able to solve their problem they are queued to wait for an available agent. This all happens before they can talk to an agent.

Handling Time for inbound conversations does not include Ring Time as agent is not blocked at the moment. Handling Time starts from the time when customers are connected to agents.

IVR Only

IVR Only Conversations are conversations where customers managed to solve their request using only IVR or they were not successful and simply gave up.

Handling Time for IVR Only Conversations is always zero.

Transferred Call

If an agent cannot handle a customer request for some reason they can forward them to another agent or a queue. For example Level 1 Support can transfer customers with very technical questions to Level 2 Support.

The conversation of transferred call has two Segments. Handling Time of this Conversation is sum of Handling Times of both Segments. Even when the Handling Times overlap because they are handled by two agents. Handling Time really represents how much time your agents spend handling the customer.

Call with Consultation

Sometimes agents are missing a piece of information or need to do another call on behalf of the customer. In this case agents can put customers on hold while they have another call.

The conversation of a consult call has three Segments. The first segment is talk between a first agent and a customer. The second segment runs in parallel to the first one while the customer is on hold. Conversation is sum of Handling Times of both Segments. Even when the Handling Times overlap because they are handled by two agents.

Web Chat, Call and Email

Ytica is ready to provide you with reporting across channels. In Ytica you can see conversations matter whether your customers use phone, chat, email or social networks to reach you.

You can see again that Handling Time and Experience Time is measured across communication channels.

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