Scorecard is great for understanding how individual agents are doing compared to their teams or your entire contact center. Scorecard is a great starting point for one-on-one sessions with agents. You can discuss with agents their overall performance related to the team as well as focus on specific calls that may provide valuable training material.

Scorecard dashboard is helpful for one-on-one sessions with agents so you can:

  • Quickly see KPIs such as volume of handled conversations, handling time, customer satisfaction and others.
  • Compare your agents' KPIs with their team, a team of choice or your entire contact center.
  • Watch long term trends in customer satisfaction, reflection, empathy and self-confidence.
  • Watch distribution of responses in customer satisfaction surveys and distribution of conversation outcomes.
  • Listen to individual conversations that were the most problematic based on either customer satisfaction or agents' feedback.

Comparison with Team

On the right side of the dashboard you can see how the agents are doing overall compared to the teams you choose. The darker bars shows agents' KPIs and the lighter bars show teams' KPIs. When agent KPIs are lower that the team's you should push them for a better performance. When agent KPIs are higher that the team's you can draw inspiration, training and coaching material from their conversations with the customers.


Unlike most other dashboards Scorecard has different filters. In Scorecard dashboard you can filter by Team, Agent and Outcome.

Use the Team filter to to compare agents to their team, average of multiple teams or the entire contact center. The teams help you 

Use the Agent filter to pick the agent to focus on. You can pick multiple agents and get average KPIs for them. This may be useful when comparing a small group of agents within a team.

Use the Outcome filter to focus on conversations with a specific outcome or set of outcomes.

Problematic Conversations

Problematic conversations list shows individual conversations with either customer satisfaction, reflection, empathy or self-confidence are on the lowest level. Zero scores are highlighted in red. You can click on individual conversations in the first column to play the individual calls.

Saved Views

You can use Saved Views to save filters for individual agents and teams combinations. This way you can quickly switch between in individual team members when you need to talk to them.

To save a selection in scorecard dashboard:

  • Click * Unsaved View menu in the top right corner.
  • Click Save current view... in the menu.
  • Type the saved view name into Name field. For example the agent first name and last name.
  • Click Save.

You can later use the menu to apply the saved view or to delete them.

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