Drill downs enable you to explore a measure in more detail or gather additional context. You can use drill down to get to individual conversations, listen to the calls or jump to a specific po.

Drill Down in Dashboards

Each chart or a table in a dashboard can have drill downs.

To create an efficient drill down follow these steps:

  • Go to the dashboard where you want to add the drill down
  • Click the gear button in the top right corner
  • Click Edit in the open menu
  • Click a report that you want add drill down to
  • Click the customize button in the options above the report
  • Click Add Drilling in the Drilling tab
  • Click When I click on menu in the grey box
  • Choose attributes and metrics that to which you want to add drill down
  • Click Select in the bottom right corner of the menu
  • Click Show me button on the right
  • You can choose either to break down a report by a attribute, drill down to a report or drill down to a dashboard. These options are described below.
  • Once you pick an attribute, a report or a dashboard click Select in the bottom right corner.

You can add more drill paths to each report in the same way. Each attribute and measure used in the report can have its own drill path.

Breakdown by an Attribute

Very simple drill down without a need to create a dedicated report. Suitable for quickly enabling exploration to most of the reports. This kind of drill down works best for table reports.

Drill Down to a Report

Opens a new popup window with the chosen report. This kind of drill down is very flexible and enables you to create a report suitable for the particular metric or attribute in a report.

When creating a report for a drill down consider what information is the most important for the user who drills down. Consider what attributes and measures are really necessary and consider a sort order to show the most important content on the top.

Drill Down to a Dashboard

Jumps to a chosen dashboard with filters set to the values related to the drill down path. This is suitable if you need to have a look on the drilled down measure or attribute from different perspectives and you cannot fit it into a single report.

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