Speech Searches Screen enables you to setup Speech Analytics. You can access Speech Searches Screen from app.ytica.com by clicking Speech Searches in the application bar on the top.

You have to have Ytica Elite plan and permissions to access Screen Searches Screen. Speech Searches screen IS NOT accessible from analytics.ytica.com.

Speech Search

Speech Search is a definition of what you want Ytica Speech Analytics to search for. By default Ytica Speech Analytics searches for silences longer than 5 seconds and for potential crosstalks - people speaking in the same time.

List of Speech Searches

List of all Speech Searches is on the left. The list is sorted alphabetically. You can quickly switch between individual Speech Searches.

To create a new Speech Search click New Speech Search button on top of the Speech Searches list.

Phrase-Based Speech Search

Phrase-based Speech Search is a collection of phrases to search for in calls. In reports and dashboards you can either report by individual phrases. More common is to work with Speech Searches as they abstract from the individual phrases and focus on your business cases.

Add Phrases

To add phrases to a Speech Search input comma separated list of them. You can choose whether the phrases are searched in Agent speech, Customer speech or both. To add the phrases to the current Speech Search press Add Phrases button on the right. 

Newly added phrases are searched form the moment they were added. They are not searched for in the calls that already happened. 

Manage Phrases

After you create a phrase you can change the following:

  • Phrase — Creates a new phrase in the background and starts to search for the new phrase. If the original phrase is not used in another Speech Search the calls are not scanned for it.
  • Speaker — Who has to say the phrase in a call.
  • Min. Confidence — Minimum confidence of Ytica Speech Analytics has to have fort the finding. Depending on a phrase the phrases 

All changes are applied to calls after they are made.

Delete Phrases

To delete an individual phrase click the trashcan icon on the right.

Blacklisted Phrases

With blacklisted phrases you can get rid of findings that are not accurate. Sometimes there is a finding by Ytica Speech Analytics that finds a phrase pronounced similarly to what you search for. In this case you need to give Ytica a hint that you want this phrases to be excluded.

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