Inspection Screens shows inspections that you have in your workspace. Inspections highlight conversations and activities in Agents Screen so you know what to focus on. Currently inspections support only highlighting activities that are too long.

Long Activity

Long activity sets up highlighting of long activities such as pauses and long availability without handling a single call. You have option to define three thresholds for a given activity name. 

Depending on the duration of the activity the activity is then not highlighted, highlighted yellow, light red or dark red. You can also highlight short activities in green.

To create a new inspection:

  • Click New Inspection in the navigation on the left
  • Click Long Activity in the menu
  • Fill you name for the activity in the Name text field
  • Optionally. Provide Description for the inspection.
  • Click Activities to inspect
  • Choose one or more activities you want to inspect
  • Choose thresholds for highlighting
  • Click Save

You can create as many inspections as you want.

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