Agents Screen is Team Leaders-centered view that helps them to manage teams of about 10 people and make sure customer queues are handled. You can also listen to finished calls and give agents feedback and assess quality of their conversations with customers.

Comment and Assess

You can comment and assess conversations the same way as in the Conversation Screen. To comment or assess a conversation select it on the screen to enable Comment and Assess buttons.


You can filter for agents and queues you would like to watch. You choice is remembered and when you go back to Agents Screen.


Queues show you how many customers are waiting in each individual queue. This helps you to ensure you have enough agents ready on site that can handle inbound customers. 


Each watched agent has a single stripe with their activity on the screen. On the left there agent name and their name or initials. Right next to them there is the current agent activity and the time agent spent in the activity so far. If your agents have Ytica Extension installed it will also show what application the agent has focused in their browser.

On the right there is a timeline of conversations and activities the agent spent some time with. Conversations and activities that may need you attention are highlighted and show a small icon indicating why they got highlighted.

Click on a finished conversation to play the conversation in our Player.


You can play conversations in a rich visual player that highlights agent talking, customer talking, silences and cross talks. The player also shows all findings of Speech Analytics.

You can also speed up and slow down playback and share current playhead position in Player.

Open the conversation in a new tab by clicking the symbol next the close button.

Learn more about the Player

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