You can embed Ytica dashboards in your application or a 3rd party application such as Salesforce. Embedded dashboard will still require users to login into Ytica if they are not logged in yet.

Only non-responsive dashboards from can be embedded.

Get Embed Code

To embed a dashboard:

  • Go to a dashboard you want to embed at
  • Click the gear button in the top right corner of the screen
  • Click Embed
  • In the Web tab you can get code for embedding the dashboard in an iframe. You can also use the URI starting with for creating links that open the dashboard in a new window.
  • In the Salesforce tab you can get code for embedding the dashboard into Salesforce as a Web Tab of a VisualForce Page
  • Select the Code Snippet that suits best your use and copy it to your clipboard.
  • Click Close when you have the code in your clipboard

Now you have a code that you can use in your application to embed or open Ytica dashboards.

Filter Embedded Dashboards

It may be useful to filter embedded dashboards depending on a context. For example you have a customer phone number in Salesforce and you would like Ytica to show the dashboard filtered only to a customer with the given phone number.

You can filter by any attribute in Ytica. You can also use multiple filtering attributes. To filter for multiple different values of the same attribute as shown on the example below.

When using filters you will get an URL that looks like this:

You will want typically to generate the filtered value dynamically depending on the context. In this case you will replace the PHONE text with a value of the customer phone number depending on the customer you have open in your application or in Salesforce.

Note that you might need to URL Encode the value if it contains characters that cannot be safely used in the URL.

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