Release 18.1 contains a lot of larger and smaller improvements which we have accumulated since the beginning of the year. Please check our Product Portal to vote for additional features you would like most and propose new features you would like to see in Ytica.

Player Improvements

The conversation player has been significantly improved. You now get much more contextual information when you drill down to a specific call or when somebody sends you a  direct link to a call.

Share Exact Playhead Location

From the menu on the right you can now copy the exact position of the playhead to your clipboard. You can then share a specific piece of a call with colleagues or attach it to a report. 

Ytica will still require users to login before they can listen to the call, so your calls stay protected while you can discuss them with your colleagues.

Playback Speed

You can now change the playback speed in the player. In addition to normal speed, you now have 2 faster speeds that enable you quickly skim through more calls. You also have a slower playback speed when you need to be sure of what exactly customers or agents said at a given moment.

Contextual Information in Player

Now when playing an individual conversation you can see more details about it, including agent, team of the agent, customer name or phone and call duration. You can move mouse over individual items to get a tooltip with more details.

Speech Findings in Player

With Speech Analytics enabled the player now shows the exact positions at which a speech search has a positive finding. You can then quickly navigate within calls to start playing right from the spot where the finding occurred.

You can also tell whether the finding occurred in the agent or the customer channel by the color of the marker in the player.

Speech Searches

You can now edit speech searches. Speech searches are logical units that group together phrases and patterns with very similar meaning. They help you to better organize findings for reporting and further analysis.

For each phrase in a Saved Search you can define whether to search for the phrase as spoken by an agent or a customer. You can also adjust confidence parameter for individual phrases to fine-tune the accuracy.

Real-time Team Leader Dashboard

We have enabled the very first version of our real-time dashboard, giving you the ability to watch what agents are doing as they do it. You can set up inspections to highlight cases when agents take longer to do an activity than they are expected to.

Scheduled Emails to People without Ytica Accounts

Now you can send scheduled emails with dashboards to your teammates and colleagues even when they don't have a Ytica account. This provides valuable insight into your customer service operations to anybody in your company. Great for effortlessly keeping your management and other stakeholders in the loop.


As with every release, we have improved how we interpret data from both Twilio and Talkdesk in specific use cases. We have also improved existing dashboards, reports and metrics to work better in a wider range of scenarios.

Previous Releases

Direct links to the last three releases:

Release 17.5: Reworked Inbound dashboard that gives more details on how customers try to reach you and how easy is for them to do so.

Release 17.4: Visual call player. New Scorecard dashboard with focus on individual agents and their teams. New built-in KPIs for empathy and confidence.

Release 17.3: Geolocation of customers based on phone numbers. Intraday segmentation by 15 minute intervals.

Check out Releases for a list of all releases. Check out Roadmap to get an idea where we are heading. To vote for features we are considering or to propose new ideas visit our Product Portal.

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