One last small gift before the end of this year. This release is focused on an improved Inbound dashboard. We have got a lot of feedback on our initial Inbound dashboard. With this release we would like to address some of them.

Improved Inbound Dashboard

Existing Inbound dashboard was focused predominantly on abandon rates. Now the inbound dashboard shows more measures related to inbound conversations including number of requests for callback, voicemails, waiting times and abandon times. You can see these metrics by IVR Paths the customers go through and by phone number they use to reach you.

Previous Releases

Direct links to the last three releases:

Release 17.4: Visual call player. New Scorecard dashboard with focus on individual agents and their teams. New built-in KPIs for empathy and confidence.

Release 17.3: Geolocation of customers based on phone numbers. Intraday segmentation by 15 minute intervals.

Release 17.2: Richer conversation data for filtering and segmentation. Dashboards to understand customer satisfaction and mood.

Check out Releases for list of all releases. Check out Roadmap to get an idea where we are heading.

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