With this release we focused on better showing the data you already have in Ytica. We have added more details in dashboards, new KPIs and added a new player that shows details of each call.

Visual Player

Now when you drill down to a specific call you play it with our visual player. Our visual player shows you when customer and agent talked. A great time-saver that enables you to focus on parts of a call that really matter.

Now you can quickly jump to interesting parts of the call instead of listening to the whole call. Player highlights parts of the call where is a long silence or agents and customers talk over each other. You can also immediately see where agents or customers talk for a long time.

Check Player for more details.

Scorecard Dashboard

Scorecard is a great new dashboard for getting an overview of all-around agent performance and compare it to their team or the entire contact center. Scorecard dashboards shows important KPIs for the agent including the new Empathy and Self-Confidence.

Scorecard dashboard is helpful for one-on-one sessions with agents so you can:

  • Quickly see KPIs such as volume of handled conversations, handling time, customer satisfaction and others.
  • Compare your agents' KPIs with their team, a team of choice or your entire contact center.
  • Watch long term trends in customer satisfaction, reflection, empathy and self-confidence.
  • Watch distribution of responses in customer satisfaction surveys and distribution of conversation outcomes.
  • Listen to individual conversations that were the most problematic based on either customer satisfaction or agents' feedback.

Check Scorecard for more details on how to use the dashboard.


Empathy is now a new ready to use measure. Ytica correlates how customers rate agents in satisfaction surveys and how agents think customers were happy with their performance. Whenever agents overestimate customer satisfaction their empathy is impacted a little bit.

Watching empathy is really great to find agents that are not aligned with the perspective of your customers or agents that burned out and no longer care about your business nor your customers. In both cases these agents are those you can coach or have one-on-one meeting.

Empathy is now added to Assessment dashboard:


Self-Confidence is a counterbalance to Empathy. Self-confidence shows how agents are confident with their performance. Each time agents significantly underestimate customer satisfaction their self-confidence KPI is impacted.

Watching self-confidence is important as agents with low self-confidence may need a motivation to show them how good they are. This helps to quicker on-board agents and may lower attrition rate early in the agent stay within the company.

Dashboards User Interface Refresh

The traditional dashboards now have the same visual design as the newer responsive dashboards. The interface now looks fresher and consistent with the rest of Ytica.

Thresholds for Repoting

You can now have thresholds for minimum amount of conversations or assessments necessary for showing up in a leaderboards. This helps to filter out agents and teams that do not have enough collected data to show representative results.

The default threshold for reporting assessments and conversations related measures is set to 10. This threshold is applied in leaderboards in the built-in dashboards. 


As with every release we have improved how we interpret data from both Twilio and Talkdesk in specific use cases. We have also slightly improved existing dashboards, reports and metrics to work better in wider range of scenarios.

Previous Releases

Release 17.3: Geolocation of customers based on phone numbers. Intraday segmentation by 15 minute intervals.

Release 17.2: Richer conversation data for filtering and segmentation. Dashboards to understand customer satisfaction and mood.

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