With 17.2 we have added integration with Talkdesk. We have enriched our data to contain useful level of detail that Talkdesk provides out of the box. You can also take advantage of this data with other integrations if you add them as custom data.

Many customers already used bits and pieces from 17.2 as we continuously improved dashboards, reports and metrics in the last few weeks. These release notes are summary of the changes. You can have a look whether there is something useful that you might have missed.

Talkdesk Integration

Ytica is now available in Talkdesk's AppConnect. You can install it with one click and you will get all reports.

Talkdesk Sentiment

We import customer satisfaction-related information from Talkdesk. So if you use Talkdesk Sentiment you will see it in Ytica from day one.

  • Customer Satisfaction - Rating of the conversation from a customer perspective in a range from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest).
  • Customer Mood - In what mood the customer was from the agent perspective. Agents can choose from Happy, Neutral, Unhappy and Not Applicable.

These ratings are stored in dataset Assessments and you can check them in Assessment dashboard.

Richer Conversation Filtering and Segmentation

Conversations were enhanced by additional attributes useful for getting more detailed look. You can now filter and segment conversations by:

  • Abandon Phase - A phase in which the call was abandoned. Enables you to understand when customers give up trying to reach you. Whether it was in a queue, while ringing to an agent or on hold. You can also use this segmentation to filter out short abandons.
  • In Business Hours - Tells whether the conversation started during your business hours.
  • External Contact - A phone number or an email address that customers use to reach you or you use to reach them. This enables you to understand load by service you provide or campaign you have launched.
  • IVR Path - Options in IVR the customer has chosen.
  • Outcome - The result of the conversation. Enables you to split calls to successful sales, failed attempts, followups and other depending on you platform settings.

All of the attributes work out of the box with Talkdesk.

Custom Data in Twilio

If you have Twilio you can now use task and worker attributes to set or override any attribute or measure in Conversations and Agents datasets. Check Custom Data via Platform Integration to learn how to enhance your data in Ytica. For detailed explanation of all the attributes check Datasets in Analytics Data Model.

Assessment Dashboard

Assessment dashboard gives you insight into customer satisfaction and agent perspective. The best place to understand Talkdesk Sentiment.

In the assessment dashboard you can check:

  • Agents that rank worst in customer satisfaction so you can coach them
  • Agents that have empathy and assess satisfaction as customers feel it
  • Conversations that have the highest difference between agent assessed and real customer satisfaction

Productivity Dashboard

Productivity dashboard gives you a general overview of how agent spent their time. This may be important to understand efficiency with which you use your agents.

In Productivity dashboard you can check:

  • How much time your agent spent doing a productive activity such as calling or doing wrap up
  • Agents that have most time spent in a non productive activity
  • Activities that took your agents the most time

Summary Dashboard

Summary dashboard gives you by agent by team breakdown of key KPIs. You can easily see how individuals are doing compared to their teams.

Summary dashboard is a good starting point if you want to get high level raw statistics per agents and teams that you can export to your spreadsheets.

Scores Dashboard

Scores dashboard gives precise breakdown of scores for individual quality aspects of the conversation quality.

Scores dashboards is a good detailed look on how individual agents are doing in individual quality aspects of their work.

New Measures

We have added new measures to support the added dashboards and enhance possibilities in Analyze screen. To mention a few:

  • Waiting Time - Sums Queue Time and Ring Time together to know how much time customers really waited.
  • Satisfaction - Score collected by customer satisfaction surveys. Used by Talkdesk Sentiment.
  • Reflection - Score collected from agent handling the conversation. Used by Talkdesk Sentiment.
  • Assessment Coverage - How many conversations are covered by customer satisfaction surveys or agent reflection scores.
  • Productive Time - How much time an agent spend being in state that is considered to be productive.

Built-in Help

Measures and attributes now include help when you however over them.


As with every release we have improved how we interpret data from both Twilio and Talkdesk in specific use cases. We have also slightly improved existing dashboards, reports and metrics to work better in wider range of scenarios.

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