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How long does it take to start using Ytica (WFO) on my Twilio?

Ytica (WFO) is a part of Twilio Flex offering, you can check more details on enablement here. We are receiving all the events that are generated by your TaskRouter. It then typically takes a few days to tune the attributes to your liking. The best way to get started is to take a look at the format of attributes we expect in tasks in this article

Do you support multiple Twilio Accounts in a single dashboard?

Not at the moment. Data from individual Twilio Accounts are isolated.

Can I listen to individual calls?

Yes. You can drill down from high level KPIs and charts down to individual conversations behind them and listen to individual conversations. In order to do that, you need to also pass us the URL to the recording in task attribute once you learn the YRL from Twilio.

I have some calls not going through Twilio TaskRouter. Can I see them in Ytica?

Not out-of-the-box now. There are several options you can go for:

  • Move your other conversations to go through TaskRouter as well. This requires you to do the implementation.
  • If you use a widely used communication platform or customer relationship management ask us whether we have plans to support it in the near future.
  • Wait for Analytics Data Import API that will allow to push your own data to Ytica. This API should be available in 2018. You will be responsible for taking data from the original data source and pushing it to Ytica.

We still recommend to start using Ytica now and get insight at least into your TaskRouter conversations. You might be able to better understand what value you get from Ytica. Then it is much easier to decide how you can bring the rest of you conversations in.

Do you support emails and chats?

Our Analytics Data Model is ready for multiple communication channels including chat and email. 

Do you do real-time analytics?

Stay tuned, there will be some announcements in March 2018 about this. 😎

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