Out of the box Ytica provides analytics on top of data in Twilio Flex. You can provide additional data to give business people more options when building reports theirand dashboards.

Dual Channel Recording

Enable Dual Channel Recording in Twilio to take advantage of Audio and Speech Analytics.

If you use TwiML scripts for triggering recording you have to change them to tell Twilio it should record the channels separately. This is done by adding "-dual" postfix to record attribute.

Check Twilio documentation for setting up dual-channel recording.

Add Links to Recordings

You can send links to recordings in Twilio that are related to a given task. This enables your users to listen to calls in Ytica's Player and lets us perform Speech Analytics on top of the recordings. To attach a recording add object conversations  to the task attributes. Then put an array segment_link to the object conversations  with a list of URLs to the related recordings. Usually you will have one recording.

"conversations": {
    "segment_link": [

You can send the segment_link  after the task is completed via a task update when the link to the recording becomes available in Twilio or when you move to a location of your choice.

Adding links to recordings is done programmatically using Twilio API or Twilio SDK.

Add Customer Data

Ytica links conversations to a customer based on a phone number or other contact information. You can set additional task attributes to provide details about the customer.

With additional customer data you can segment and filter by demographics in Ytica.

"customers" : {
    "name" : "John Doe",
    "customer_link" : "https://crm.company.com/customer/123",
    "category" : "VIP",
    "customer_manager" : "Financial Partners Corp.",
    "email" : "john.doe@gmail.com",
    "gender" : "Male",
    "market_segment" : "Pensioners",
    "organization" : "Prosperity Inc.",
    "phone" : "+44xxxxxxxxx",
    "year_of_birth" : "1947",
    "zip" : "ZC000000",
    "acquisition_cost" : 150,
    "business_value" : 7500
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