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Check Talkdesk limitations article for details on how your data are represented in Ytica.

Some agents in dashboards do not have names

Agents that you have deleted before you have installed Ytica for Talkdesk show with empty name. Talkdesk does not provide names for agents who are no longer available.

Some agents appear twice in the reports or dashboards

This is caused by creating multiple agents with the same name. Ytica does identify agents on their internal ID. Not their name. We strongly recommend to create a new agents for a new person. Do not reuse existing agents in Talkdesk for another people.

I see queues that look like "Queue A+Queue B"

Queues are taken from Talkdesk ring groups. Depending on the routing preference in Talkdesk a inbound customer call may cause ringing of multiple ring groups. All ringed groups are shown in a queue with plus '+' sign between them.

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