Ytica provides a rich set of features. Not every feature is supported by every platform because of different level of detail the platform provides and limited feature set the platform supports. This article highlights limitations related to Talkdesk.

Missing Agent Names

Talkdesk does not preserve names of agents that left your company. This means that you can see (empty value) in agent filters for those agents who were deleted in Talkdesk before we imported the Talkdesk data to Ytica. The below picture shows how this looks in practice.

No Stable Teams

While Talkdesk recently launched the support of Teams, the team names are not available in the API we use to obtain data so we cannot use them for reporting.

Talkdesk uses Ring Groups which are used for routing inbound calls. While Ring Groups are flexible and work well for call routing they may require extra caution when reporting.

Ytica does its best effort to assign team based on which Ring Groups the conversation went through. This works well when you have a phone number connected to one ring group containing the agents that are in one team.

In case you have you have a phone number connected to multiple ring groups you will get teams that look like Ring Group A+Ring Group B . This is caused by the fact that the inbound call was routed to agents in both groups.

When filtering for your data make sure that you include all teams that contain the name of the Ring Group you age interested in. This may be several different teams in filters. The following screen an example when we wanted to focus on Customer Service team:

Ytica for Chosen Teams

This limitation applies only to customers using Ytica only for a subset of all agents that they have in their Talkdesk account.

Because Talkdesk API does not support team names we use Ring Groups to determine handling team for each conversation. This means that conversations are filtered only for the chosen teams.

These data are not filtered:

  • Agents in filters - as there is no strong agent-team relationship in Talkdesk
  • Activity - because activity is not related to any Ring Group

Transferred and Multi-Segment Conversations

Talkdesk currently merges the entire call into one segment that results in a certain loss of information in case the call was transferred. Talkdesk does not have the concept of segments that make up the entire conversation.

Specifically this conversation information is not available:

  • All conversations are single segment, even when they have transfers.
  • Only the last agent is attached to the conversation.
  • Talk time includes all parts of the conversations.
  • Hold time is just part of the conversation

Abandon Phase Ambiguity

In some cases we are not able to distinguish whether the call was abandoned in IVR or in Voicemail. Both calls abandoned in IVR and Voicemail are classified as abandoned in Voicemail.

Some Metrics Are Not Available in Ytica

The following metrics are not available from the Talkdesk platform and so they show 0 when used in reports, graphs or as parts of other metrics:

  • IVR time
  • Ring time - in outbound calls
  • Hold time

Speech Analytics Accuracy

We can obtain only the MP3 quality of the audio recording via the Talkdesk API. Ytica's speech analytics engine is designed to work with the original WAV files and as a result the accuracy is lower than it could be.

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