We transform Talkdesk calls and user status updates into Ytica's Analytics Data Model that provides unified look on conversations and their context in a unified way across multiple contact center and customer management systems. We transform and clean data from the original systems including Talkdesk to make them easy to understand and analyze.

Ytica provides wide context for conversations giving you the most insight possible. Not all data are available in Talkdesk out-of-the-box as they might include CRM customer details, customer satisfaction surveys, data from non-voice channels or data from other call center solutions.


Talkdesk's Call is roughly one Segment of a Conversation. Multiple Segments in a Conversation properly represent transfers and other scenarios. See Datasets in Analytics Data Model and Conversation Structure for how Conversations look like in Ytica.

Ring Groups are called Teams in Ytica. The Team in which the agent was when handling the Conversation is stored in Handling Team.

Talkdesk's User Status is represented as Activity in Ytica.

Talkdesk Sentiment

Talkdesk Sentiment is represented by Assessments in Ytica. CSAT score collected by SMS from customers shows as Satisfaction in Ytica. Mood collected from agents using the emoticons shows as Reflection in Ytica.

Learn more about Conversations Assessment.

Data Available from Talkdesk

Sample measures based on this data will be available out of the box:

  • Abandoned Conversations – number of conversations where Agent and Customer have not talked to each other.
  • Abandonment Time – time a Customer or Agents spends waiting on the other party before giving up.
  • Handled Conversations – number of conversations handled by an Agent.
  • Queue Time – time a customer spends waiting in a queue before reaching an Agent.
  • Talk Time – time Agents spend talking to customer.
  • Wrap Up Time – time Agents spend after talking to customers to do after call work.

All the available measures can be sliced by the following attributes:

  • Agent
  • Channel
  • Customer
  • Date and Time including Days of Week, Days of Month and similar
  • Department
  • Direction
  • Queue
  • Team

If you have Ytica Speech Analytics enabled you can also use Speech Analytics-related measures and attributes.

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