Ytica Extension gathers information about agent activity in their browser. The extensions enhance agent productivity reports in Ytica by details on what application agents use in their browsers.

Ytica Extensions helps you to better understand how your agents use applications and whether they pay attention to your customers during conversations.


Ytica Extension can be used by a single agent on multiple computers and in multiple browsers. To get value out of Ytica Extension make sure these conditions are met in your contact center:

  • Agents have separate accounts on their desktop computers. Alternatively you can use Ytica JavaScript API to set agent id.
  • Agents use Chrome browser

Gathered Data

Currently Ytica Extension gathers the following information:

  • Title - title of the currently active tab
  • URL - url of the currently active tab
  • Time - time when the tab became active
  • Duration - time spent in the active time

The gathered information may change in the future. Please watch our release notes for updates on what data we collect.


You can distribute installation by sending each agent a personalized link that automatically associates Ytica Extension with them. The personalized link has following format: .

You can get the install link for individual agents in Agents tab in Ytica. Just click on the symbol that indicates no data are received from the extension. Click on this symbol and the click Copy Install Link for Agent. This will copy the link to your clipboard and you can send it to the agent.

Agents have to install Ytica Extension on all computers and in all browsers they use for a complete perspective on their activity. Activity in browsers without installed Ytica Extension and activity in native applications is not reported by Ytica Extension.


To uninstall Ytica Extension from Chrome click on the Ytica icon in the top right corner and the click Remove from Chrome.

Identifying Agents

You use agent identifier depending on you primary platform:

  • Talkdesk - Agent identifier is shown in URL when opening the agent in Talkdesk
  • Twilio - Twilio Worker SID

If you multiple agents use the same browser on the same device you might want to manually set the current agent ID. You can do it using JavaScript. You can set the current user ID just by including one small JavaScript file and calling one method.

<script src=""></script>


window.onload = function() {

  /* When you know the agent id or the agent id changes call the method below.
Replace the parameter below with the Twilio worker SID.*/



Calling this method expects that Ytica Extension is installed. In case the extension is not installed the call is silently ignored. Check the chapter below to redirect agents to the install page.

On Demand Install

You can also redirect agents to the Ytica Extension install page in the case the extension is not installed. This method requires that you also provide your Ytica account ID as a parameter. 

<script src=""></script>


window.onload = function() {

  /* When you know the agent id or the agent id changes call the method below.
  Replace the parameters below with your Ytica account ID and with the Twilio worker SID. */



Extension Install page opens in a new browser tab or window. This may be blocked by an agent browser. Make sure agents' browsers are set not to block popups leading to domain.

Usage Monitoring

There are several scenarios when Ytica Extension can stop providing data or provide inaccurate data. A few such examples are:

  • Agent uninstalls or disables Ytica Extension
  • Agent uses incognito or other privacy browser mode
  • Agent uses an alternative browser without the installed Ytica Extension
  • Multiple agents install Ytica Extension associated with one agent

Due to these potential issues we recommend you watch agent activity in Ytica dashboards.

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